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Dependable Wheel Alloy Repairs in Hamilton and Glasgow

Need reliable wheel and alloy repairs? At our unit in Hamilton, we correct buckles, dents, and flat spots in tyres for vehicle owners throughout Glasgow, South Lanarkshire, and the surrounding areas. Wheel damage doesn’t necessarily occur due to accidents or negligence, but rather due to the low-profile tyres and large-alloy wheels that are very common in today’s market. If you’re in need of a fix, please get in touch with 1st Class Alloys today to arrange repairs.

Alloy Repair

Inner Rim Damage

Unfortunately, buckled and cracked wheels do occur. If the damage is inside the wheel, our experienced team can usually carry out buckle repairs without the need for cosmetic refinishing.

Alloy Damage

Face Damage

This can be a little trickier as the straightening process involves heating and pressing the damaged area, which can affect the painted finish. We usually recommend a full wheel restoration for this.

Alloy Damage

alloy welding

Welding on alloy wheels is often performed to fix cracks, bends, or other damage, or to modify the wheel for custom applications. Alloy welding involves heating the the crack in the wheel in order to apply the weld and repair it. Where needed, the damaged wheel may have to be cut and shaped to allow for the welding.

Fix Damaged Alloys

Backed by knowledge and experience, our wheel and alloy repairs are both efficient and effective.

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